About-Introducing-Tutorial Of CodeIgniter

This time I will share one article about the CodeIgniter PHP framework, as we know CodeIgniter is a PHP based OOP (Object Oriented Programming). it does OOP language that aims to facilitate the development of programming by following the model of the existing daily life. The models are part of any existing problems.
Okay, then the introduction of CodeIgniter
This programming language is open source and can be downloaded for free. easiness that exist in this programming language that can be ogled or used by most people in the making of the program, because the aim of making the CodeIgniter framework according to the user manual is to produce a framework that will be used for the development of the project of making the website more quickly as compared to manufacturing website by manually coding. and codigniter this framework provides a lot of libraries for website creation.

Here is an excess CodeIgniter Framework:

1. Free of Charge

CodeIgniter license is a license Apache / BSD-style open source license, which means we can use it free of charge according to our needs.

2. Support PHP 4.0 or PHP 5.0

capable of supporting the developers who still use PHP version 4.0 but still powerful though it must be used with PHP 5.0.

3. Fast and Lightweight (Lightweight)

By default, when running CodeIgniter will only load some libraries only. For other libraries can be loaded as needed. This means that fewer resource usage so that the application will be lighter and faster.

4. Principles of MVC (Model – View – Control)

free expression in style, with the support of web development methods Model View Controller (MVC). As an explanation, MVC separates the bussiness logic (logic program) and view (view) in an application. It is very easy for a team in the maintenance process an application, because the task can be more easily divided. There is a special section that makes viewing and parts that make the core program.

5. Complete documentation

there is a very complete documentation about all the things that exist in CodeIgniter. Starting from installation step up its documentation of the functions available. There is documentation is very easy for beginners to learn website development environment with CodeIgniter.
A complete library.

CodeIgniter comes with a variety of ready-made libraries for various needs, such as database connections, email, and session cookies, security, image manipulation and more.

Features CodeIgniter
The following features are supported by CodeIgniter:

  • Model View Controller based system
  • Compatible with PHP versions 4.
  • Recording error that occurred.
  • Class available to make the calendar.
  • Class available to determine the user agent, such as the type of browser and operating system being used by visitors.
  • Class available for making website templates.
  • Lightweight and Fast.
  • There is support for multiple databases.
  • Support for Active Record Database.
  • Supports form validation and input data.
  • Security and XSS filtering.
  • Class available to do the pagination (make an appearance perhalaman).
  • Supports data encryption.
  • Support benchmarking.
  • Supports caching.
  • Available session settings.
  • Class available to send email.
  • Available classes for image manipulation (cropping, resizing, rotate, etc.).
  • Classes available for file uploads.
  • There are classes that support transfer via FTP.
  • Supports language localization.
  • Class available to make a trackback.
  • Available libraries for working with XMP-RPC.
  • Generate clean URL.
  • Having a helper is very numerous.
  • URI routing felksibel.
  • Support hooks, class extensions and plugins.

Okay, that’s all about and intoroduction to CodeIgniter, if you want to learn this php framework,  You have to go to this link :

Learn CodeIgniter now


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