Create a CSS3 clean menu


Hello friends, this time I will share a very simple tutorial for you all to make a menu, this time I will make a menu with style as simple as I can, and in the menu that I made this I also use the color swatches on the Flat UI, because I judge the colors in the swatches very nice to use a web design elements like that I made this time. And for that I use the color “Alizarin” yes that’s the name that is in the color palette. Well I will start giving the code listings. Continue reading


How to create a CSS3 image slider


This is a HTML & CSS tutorial in 2012. This tutorial will show you how to create an image slider only with CSS3 features, we will be dealing much withtransformtransition as well as:target pseudo-class to create this slider. So, this slider will only work in the following browsers: Firefox 4.0+, Chrome 4.0+, Safari 3.1+, Opera 10.5+ and (possibly) IE10+ Continue reading

Create a textarea limit with bootstrap


In this tutorial I will try to make the limit of textarea like twitter, and twitter interface to look like the real thing, then I also use one of the famous css framework bootstrap from twitter, in this tutorial I will use javascript to give the limit function the textarea, but if you want to use php scripts, you can also use it. Continue reading