Create a textarea limit with bootstrap


In this tutorial I will try to make the limit of textarea like twitter, and twitter interface to look like the real thing, then I also use one of the famous css framework bootstrap from twitter, in this tutorial I will use javascript to give the limit function the textarea, but if you want to use php scripts, you can also use it. Continue reading


Create a Contact Form in HTML5 and CSS3

Create a Contact Form in HTML5 and CSS3 for Dummies   Downloadable

Today I will teach you how to create a simple contact form in HTML5 and CSS3 that you can download for free. Many WordPress plugins come with fully functional contact forms that can be installed and used right away, but we believe in beautiful design and in your right to style it however you choose. Therefore today’s video will focus on how to create, but mainly how to style, your contact form using CSS3. Continue reading