HTML5/CSS3 Image Thumbnail Gallery with Lightbox Effect


The fading lightbox interface has become a staple in many website layouts. This dynamic script was originally based off Lightbox as a pure JavaScript library. Open source developers eventually start playing around with these codes to generate new designs, plugins, and animation styles.

In this tutorial I want to demonstrate how we can use a jQuery Lightbox plugin to spruce up dynamic image galleries. You can find the documentation at this jQuery lightbox webpage created by Leandro Vieira Pinho. The plugin is open source and free to add onto any web project. There are also parameters you may edit for customizing the default features. Continue reading


Create a Moveable Sticky Note With MooTools and CSS3


I recently came across a neat tutorial at Woorkup pointing out a MooTools feature that allows you to turn any item on a web page into a positionable element.

Today we’re going to use this technique to create a simple and fun sticky note that a user can play with and move anywhere on the page. Along the way will be using lots of CSS3 so make sure you’ve got a decent browser! Continue reading

Code a Web Magazine Style Dropdown Navigation Menu

Sexy Magazine Dropdown Screenshot

Frontend web development has grown into a very popular niche. With the expansion of jQuery more web designers are beginning to create fantastic animations and page effects. The possibilities are limitless!

In this tutorial we’ll be creating a magazine-style drop down nav menu. This will be created with some fancy CSS3 techniques to work in standards-compliant browsers. Even if you are shaky with jQuery you should be able to keep up with this little bit of code, and possibly learn something new. Check out the live demo script in my example. Continue reading